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EurekaLinks is a company limited by shares and was duly registered by the Uganda Registrar of Companies in December 2012.  This website has been operational since January 2011, corresponding with initial formation of EurekaLinks structures. EurekaLinks's main line of business is Internet and Mobile applications development and deployment. As such, EurekaLinks works with public/private enterprises and NGOs on solutions that leverage Internet and Mobile technologies for better livelihoods.

We are a leader in Apps for Education (Mwalimu) and Agriculture (AIS). Our vision is to progressively tap the East African, African then the World pool of Internet users. By 2015 Mwalimu will have become an educational portal for East Africa. By that time, our international Apps, e.g., African Accents (AAcents) and (My Professor) will be fully operational.

We have a staff strength of 32, out of which, 3 are founder members (Programmers), 18 are knowledge experts in Education, Agriculture, etc and the rest are active volunteers. Our current range of products/Apps include the following:

  1. AIS - Agriculture Information System
  2. IPS – Industrial Placement System
  3. MyProfessor
  4. Mwalimu
  5. African Accents
  6. LAF - Lost and Found

Each of these is accessible through a link on this Website.

Details about research publications arising from our work can be found in the publications link.

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Blog Post 5

January 6th, 2016 by admin

Since 2015, Mwalimu Diversified into Secondary Education Elearning Tool (SEET) and Teachers Elearning Portal (TEP). SEET's new responsive interface went live in April 2016. The Android App for SEET is expected by end of 2016. (more…)

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  • MyProfessor is now running, check it out. Link
  • The launch of IdeaBox has been extended to 2017.